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؟What is a smart home

Intelligent Building)BMS)

Living in an automated fashion, the ever-expanding advancement in the building intelligence industry (BMS-BMS) has brought home comfort and well-being along with energy savings. A house that, like a maid, does her best to serve you the most, and you enjoy it the most. The house feels your presence, senses the changes of heating and cooling, your interests And he knows your tastes and automatically orders the furniture for you as your assistant. The smart home (home automation) knows your cold and heat habit well and provides you with the temperature you need before you frost or heat. This allows you to waste valuable energy while not at home. So your building saves some time. You can even monitor your power consumption or find out when there is a problem with your home wiring and overload

Smart Home Welfare)BMS)

What was your view of a fascinating movie? Do you want to go pull the curtains and turn off the extra lights to get the needed light? Looking for TV control? Wait, all this is not necessary! You might be wondering why? Well then you still don’t know what extraordinary things your smart home can do. Relax in the sofa and see the miracle button (BMS system) pressed. All this scenario is executed by your smart home (home automation). Design and implementation of building intelligence

بی ام اس

Smart security sensors

Smart security sensors take care of all your belongings and assets and take care of them in different ways. Some of these sensors detect movement, while others are sensitive to glass and door breakage


Security and safety

Building and Smart Home Automation Systems (BMS) bring much beyond comfort to residents. One of the most important advantages of a smart home for residents is security and safety


Smart CCTV

Simply put, CCTVs, home guards and your assets are considered. They record what they see on a special device called a DVR

smart system

Home smart is a practice where you can control your home either through your mobile phone or tablet, or by giving a program to your device by putting devices inside the building and connecting them together. You have to be smart


Building a smart home

Building an intelligent building system is not a matter of saying better, but it is a must for smart homes. In fact, the backbone infrastructure is the building intelligence system


Lighting Management

In addition to the significant reduction in consumption, BMS equipment helps identify high-powered equipment and replaces it with low-power equipment, if necessary and economically justified

Smart Home Security System

Building intelligent systems have made great progress in recent years. Today’s intelligent security system is vastly different from traditional security systems (which often include very sophisticated panels and few applications)


Safety in the smart home

The smart home lets you know where you are at home, and you can do so at a very low cost

هوشمند سازی ساختمان

Advantages of building smart

These advantages can be divided into three main categories

 Increasing security and security in the smart home (BMS)
With smart sensors, you will be able to find out about your home from anywhere in the world. These sensors include water leakage sensor, gas leakage, fire alarm sensor, door and window sensor and motion sensor

 Save energy and reduce home costs (BMS system)
By automatically adjusting the temperature of each part of the home, you can automatically save power. With a home smart system, you no longer have to manually turn on or off your home’s air conditioner or heate

 Increase of comfort (building intelligence)
You can talk to your home from anywhere in the world and find out if all your appliances are on or off. By defining a scenario through these types of building systems, you can control all of your home appliances in a single click, avoiding repetitive and sometimes time-consuming tasks such as turning off all the house lights manually


Deep mission

Our mission is to excel in training, consulting, designing, implementing and implementing ICT projects in line with the world’s highest quality technology and standards, leading to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Also, entrepreneurship, job creation and recruitment of young and specialized forces to serve our country and our dear compatriots are on the company’s agenda

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Intelligent system design
At this stage, according to the agreements made and your needs, the project is analyzed
The system is designed



Choosing the right smart method
With the advice and talks done at this stage, an intelligent system that suits your financial situation as well
Project constraints be selected



Visit the smart home council
Coordination and meetings and visits to the smart home theater and more familiar with equipment and touch
Features of a smart home up close


In-person and telephone counseling
At this point you can get advice from our partners for free on building intelligence and
Take advantage of your villa


Smart system after sales support and service
Use your smart home system peacefully as we do after all the steps
We will continue to be with you and will not leave you alone with our support


User training and use of intelligent equipment
At this point you will be taught the system user and how to use it and you will be able
It was easy to use your smart home features


Installation of smart home systems
At this stage of the work equipment is installed and programmed in the building.
The different scenarios you are requesting at this stage are planned and defined on the system


According to the negotiations, a contract based on various clauses to smarten your building and implement the system
BMS is contracted between us and you